The ever changing attitude and outlook of Australian people is highly reflected in the look of their very own home. We try to make sure that the look of our homes will fit our hopes and dreams, and reflect who we are. This has been observed in almost all households around the world. 

The art of transforming the interior of a home has dramatically changed over the course of the century. Aside from the visual appeal and the luxurious fixtures, a lot more elements are being considered in altering the place to fit the constantly changing trends.

Nowadays people are more inclined to look at the  practicality of the design and like to use sustainably sourced materials which not only provide lasting pieces but also unique and individualistic elements in our homes. 

There are a few things that should be considered when starting a remodelling project for your home. Disregarding these factors often leads to unfinished plans due to inescapable issues. Let’s look at them here;


Budget, plan & design

Remodelling a home will never 100% successful without plans. Poor planning and substandard execution will not only waste your money and valuable resources but at the same time prevent you from achieving the house you envisioned. Having a well thought out plan will allow you to be able to take control of your budget while being able to fulfill the concepts and ideas of transforming your existing residence into a more comfortable and sustainable home. 



Renovations should help you create an enhanced version of your home, bringing it up to standard with the latest looks and up to date with the current trends. Typically, it is done to extend an area of the home, or to reduce energy consumption (replacing old lighting and cabling that is not working properly), and to enhance the comfort of the home.  Renovations can be more expensive than new construction or knock down rebuild. The location usually determines what the course of action is taken. If the home is in an area where the Heritage looks have to stay, or the owner/ occupiers generally like the home, but want to improve on it, then a remodel, or renovation will be in order.  A renovation will always add value to your home as long as the construction is done right. 
Darren Jones from Integrity New Homes Brisbane knows all about renovations, having done plenty of them over the past ten years! See him on Facebook and Instagram. 


Fixtures, fittings, colour selection and appliances

Colours play a major role in design of any kind but especially in the interior of a home. It creates the overall atmosphere of the place, whether you prefer it to be bright and lively or quiet and relaxed.  Depending on the concept design, and the Colour selection that has been signed off on, you get the home you have been dreaming of!   Colours, fixtures and internal fittings can either make or break a space. 

As we have already mentioned above, the selection of furniture and fixtures play an integral role in remodelling your home. Generally, the appearance of even a single piece of furniture can affect the overall look of the house. Of course, if you have a theme in mind, it is a given that the furniture shall also follow the theme, however, one of the more important questions is how these fixtures will affect the flow of movement in your home. For small homes, and small town and city apartments or Duplex homes, space is a luxury, but it does not have to be as long as appropriate placement of furniture is observed. With most of us home because of lockdowns and being forced to work from home,  we have all become quite good at working out what we need and where we need to place things. 

No matter what style you like we are able to accommodate!  Work with us from the concept through to the finished handed over product and you will be very happy with the results. 


Fully qualified Designers and Tradesmen

It is time to put your thoughts and plans in writing, and give us a ring to work out the next step. The best way to start the remodelling of your home is hiring professionals such as Integrity New Homes Brisbane,  who have been providing quality service for years in this area, and will continue to do so for years to come. With our custom design package available, there is no need to hire an architect who will charge you thousands,  let us help you with this!

Integrity New Homes Brisbane have been in the industry for quite a while. We are composed of a large group of talented and dynamic custom design and renovation specialists. We are focused with an impressive track record of collective experience in custom builds and renovations, and we provide some industry leading guarantees.

You will surely enjoy working with our licensed and award-winning team of experts tailoring your experience from initial concept to project completion.

We look forward to working with you soon.