There are a lot of builders out there that will only build on concrete slabs, they refuse to build on anything else. Their answer to a sloping site is to excavate massive cut and fill pads so they can build a standard slab on ground home, or they build a split level home. On a concrete slab... Now, there is nothing wrong with a split level home, if that's what you're happy with, great. But some people don't want to negotiate stairs or different floor heights in their home. Suspended floors are a great alternative.

Suspended floors are typically bearer and joist construction. They are generally a single floor height throughout the home. With bearer and joist construction, you basically have two options, timber floor frame or steel floor frame. Both have their pros and cons, however, in our opinion, a steel floor frame comes out on top. Steel floor frames provide piece of mind in terms of termite attack and they also provide a strong and durable floor system that will last forever. As steel is stronger than timber, a steel floor frame will allow larger distances or spans between the piers, meaning less excavation work, less concrete and fewer piers to install, saving time and money. 

Timber floor systems are not a bad alternative however. Gone are the hardwood days, as traditional hardwood is getting harder and more expensive to source. LVL's (Laminated Veneer Lumber) are the new hardwood. They have the strength of hardwood, however they are made from sustainable plantation timber and best of all, LVL's are made straight and stay straight. They also come treated for termites (H2) and can also be treated for exposed applications (H3) like decks and exposed walkways. 

Whether you choose timber or steel, it doesn't change the fact that suspended floors are something to consider when dealing with a sloping block. Suspended floors are a bit of a specialty for Integrity New Homes Upper Hunter as we have completed many extensions to rural homesteads over the years and nearly all of them have been suspended floor systems. 

If you have a sloping block and you would like to discuss alternatives to cut and fill or a split level home, get in contact with Integrity New Homes Upper Hunter today and talk directly with our builder, Nathan, about the benefits of a suspended floor system. 

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