Recently, many parts of Australia, especially the Brisbane and Northern Rivers regions have been experiencing the perils of heavy rainfall and flooding. These are neither temporary phenomena nor are they limited to Australia. The catastrophic storms, floods, heatwaves, bushfires and other extreme weather events seen around the world nowadays are attributed to global climate change. They can not only cause serious damage to the ecosystem but also shoot home repair and maintenance costs through the roof. Therefore, new house constructions must not only aim for comfort and convenience of owners, but must also be eco-friendly and extra resilient to withstand the heavy rains, winds, inundations, and flooding hazards.

Therefore, it is high time for homeowners to consider making their homes resilient and environmentally sustainable to help avert the looming climate crisis and for builders to adopt robust construction methods from the inception of a project. For example, new constructions in and around Brisbane and Tweed region must be built with more capacity to deal with a higher-than-normal intensity of rainfall, given the changing weather patterns of recent times. At Integrity New Homes, we embark on constant learning about the effects of climate change and regularly plan and devise techniques to build the much-needed resilience into your homes.
We are ahead of the times in building resilient homes for all our customers.

This commitment is clearly apparent in INH building practices. For instance, we ditched the traditional box gutters in our standard design long ago as they are prone to capacity constraints during extreme weather and have been known to consistently contribute to flooding and water damage in homes. Though we still use box gutters in some cases, we have largely switched to more innovative and efficient flood control methods like eaves, eave gutters, downpipes and onsite stormwater detention systems. These components are designed regarding the Australian National Plumbing Code AS3500.3.

Moreover, Integrity New Homes franchisees have access to fit for purpose calculators and training for the design and construction of these building elements to comply with the recently updated code. Furthermore, our builders have a thorough understanding of why and how to incorporate different types of eaves and gutters in your home's design. Moreover, a modern builder must know how to minimise mould growth in buildings due to storms and floods. This requires expertise in designing eave and roof ventilation systems that are critical in promoting airflow through the roof and wall cavities. Proper airflow will reduce the harmful effects of rampant mould growth in these unseen places and thereby improve the long-term health of the occupants.

Integrity New Homes has achieved Greensmart endorsement from the Housing Industry Association. This training ensures home builders have the skills to deliver housing that is both robust enough to withstand the impact of climate change and also mindful to reduce future harmful effects on our environment. The use of environmentally friendly building materials and green planning to minimise the emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases from the building's exposure to the climate impacts is a top priority for us.

Integrity New Homes is an expert in re-engineering the limited resources available to meet the climate resilience requirements. Additionally, we take up resilient housing upgrades to make existing homes more eco friendly and adapted to climate change.

If you are passionate about building a new home that can withstand the rapidly changing climate and help preserve the ecosystem, Integrity New Homes.