The devastating fallout from coronavirus (COVID-19) has seen businesses close, jobs being lost, parks and streets deserted around the world, and governments taking unprecedented steps to bring their economies out of depression as quickly as possible. 

However even as the global oil industry and world-renowned airlines face circumstances they’ve never seen or imagined before, consumers are largely unaware of how the building industry not only dodged a bullet (or perhaps a ballistic missile in this case) but is likely to become a leader in the upcoming economic recovery.

So how did the builder get away with it? The building industry was classified as an essential service, and therefore not subject to the strict lockdown. Of course, social distancing rules applied and new standards of hygiene imposed, neither of which were very easy for the builder! But close behind the other most essential services like medical and food, the builder has been permitted to attend appointments, open display homes (within restrictions), and even hold colour selection appointments.

Here at Urban Estate Constructions Pty Ltd we not only continued business (nearly) as usual but turned the crisis into opportunity. Using the Napoleon Hill philosophy, we used this valuable time to ‘take inventory of ourselves’ and launch plus consolidate our new franchise - Integrity New Homes Inner West

“We feel very pleased and excited to be part of a successful national brand, that too in a region of one of Australia’s most valuable real estate,” says Ammar Khan, Managing Director of Urban Estate Constructions Pty Ltd. “Our firm goal is to build on our 10-year local experience to become a market-leading new home builder in the region, building great relationships with customers, residents, and local councils along the way”.

Integrity New Homes Inner West is not only gearing up for a strong economic recovery, but taking responsibility in leading a growth along with the rest of the building industry to create new jobs, greater volumes of purchases from our family of subcontractors and suppliers, and most importantly build quality new homes and lifestyles for valued customers.