Designing a family home to suit you and your lifestyle can be a challenge.  Especially when you are on a tight budget. 

Here are some creative ways to get the home you need without breaking the bank or your budget. 

Firstly, create yourself a mood board, or photo board of all the things you love - you can use instagram, google or  Pinterest for this, creating boards within the app... this will create a central theme for your thoughts and likes, making it easier to begin the process. Highlight individual needs and desires of each of the family members. What is important to them, what they need within the space. 

When you have got your ideas flowing, then you can start looking through done for you designs on Builders websites to get a feel for what floor plans would work for you.  For people on a tight budget, finding a floor plan that would suit your site, and talking to builders about putting that design on your block could be a place to start so that you have an idea of what costs are associated with the size and type of home you want. 

Integrity New Homes Perth have literally hundreds of designs that are on our website,  all in varying sizes, shapes and budgets to suit almost anyone.  One of our favourite family designs is the Barrington range.  It was created for a larger block of land with a wide street frontage or acreage... see it here

Other classic designs within our standard ranges are the Genesis design... a big family classic.

For a smaller block, our Presence Range of homes are a definite winner as is our Saltwater range

As a rule of thumb,  a bigger home doesn't necessarily mean a more expensive home. Larger rooms or open plan living areas are cheaper to build than including 4 bathrooms into your new home. Choosing less expensive fittings and fixtures can decrease the cost considerable, making the home more affordable. Small compact homes still have to have all the same services, spaces and amenities, so increasing the size may only add a small percentage to the overall costs. 

Vinyl Plank flooring has become very popular over the past few years and is an excellent option for those people on a budget, but looking for a product that is durable and that will last the distance. It comes in multiple different styles, colours and  textures, ensuring that all tastes and budgets are catered for.  Putting this throughout the home can make cleaning easier and also make it a healthier environment than having carpet.  

Natural timber flooring looks great but is a lot more expensive, and requires more maintenance. There are some other timber look options called Hybrid flooring that has the same features as real timber floors but doesn't cost as much and is more waterproof than real timber or the timber laminate varieties of flooring. 

External sliding windows and doors are a good option on a budget, instead of going with lots of awning, double hung or louvered windows. For example, a sliding door to the outside of the laundry not only ensures lots of light into the room, but it keeps the pricing down as it is a cheaper door and cheaper installation then a traditional swinging external door, with a half glass window. 

Staying with a 2400 high ceiling can also keep the costs down,  however adding an extra 150mm to the ceiling height can improve the feel of the home considerably, so bear this in mind when you are doing your budget. 

Keeping the rooflines straight and in the one plane also keeps the costs down, as there is less wastage and easier installation. The KISS principle applies here... Keep it Simple Sweetie... ;) 

Modern homes are so diverse and unique nowadays, every family puts their own stamp on it, to create the space that works for them. So no matter what your income, budget or interior design tastes, you can create that great family home without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive inclusions that won't change the family dynamics or home balance at all.  So when you start planning and designing your new home, think creatively and you will possibly save yourself a lot of money. 

Integrity New Homes also specialise in Custom Design new homes.  You come to us with your sketch or the floor plan that you require, and we will work with you to create the home that works for your family within your budget. 

Contact us to turn your dreams into reality.