Many people are dreaming of having their dream home come to life. The prospect of planning and seeing your plans come together is indeed exciting but if you wish to see your home successfully built, withstanding the test of time until it has been passed on to your children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, then several things have to be considered for you to be able to achieve that. 


The budget is the most integral factor to consider when building a house. It should be well-planned so that it will not take a toll on your finances and will not result in the construction of your dream home being stalled. 

That is why it is always better to already have a budget set separately for your home and most importantly to stick to it. You don’t need to have the most elaborate decors and the most expensive things in the house as long as it has what you need then it already has everything. BUT if you have the budget for all the finest things, then go for it.


Before you choose a spot to build your home, you must thoroughly research about the sites that you have considered. Certain areas have controlled development so you have to familiarize yourself with what specific types of houses are permitted to be built in the area. It is also good to know if the area has access to roads, electricity, and safe water sources. 

You also have to look into the proximity of the house to hospitals, schools, and commercial establishments like supermarkets and shopping malls. You have to ask yourself questions like:

Is there a hospital near my house?

Are there schools in the area?

Do I have quick access to supermarkets and shopping malls?

Is this a safe neighborhood that will not compromise my family’s security?

Do they permit the residents to have pets?

Comfortability and Safety 

Since you are building your home, obviously the layout is tailored according to what you want. However, it is still always better to seek and follow the advice of professionals regarding the infrastructure of your future home. Keep in mind that aside from the visual appeal of the house, the floor plan, as well as the outsourcing of materials should be strategically arranged.

Factors such as the layout, natural lighting, ventilation, and emergency exits are only some of the things that need to seriously consider for you to be able to live comfortably knowing that you and your family are secured. 

Is it a dream come true?

Although there are a lot of things that need to be considered, it should not be a hindrance to what you want your house to look like. It may not exactly like the one you envision because it might have a few modifications but as long as you were involved in the planning and construction of your home, that will not only provide a basic structure with a roof over the head of your family but will also provide a genuine sense of security, comfort, and happiness, then you, my friend, are living the dream.