Several folks living in Gunnedah and Coonabarabran in the urban Northwest NSW consider having a narrow block as a disadvantage. However, people with significant investment experience know that not only is a narrow block a good investment opportunity but sometimes it is even beneficial to subdivide large blocks of land into narrow or small blocks to maximize returns from the piece of land. Other than a wise investment choice to cope with the increase in land prices, narrow plots can be sites for beautiful houses that showcase style and class. All it takes is a good builder!

Smaller land spaces (sometimes even sloping ones) can be put to full use by building a functional and beautiful home. Integrity New Homes Northwest has a team that caters specifically to designing houses on lean plots. We ensure that every nook and corner is functional and adds to the aesthetic value of the building. Our designs are spacious and include features such as office nooks and living areas to make your home truly fit for all purposes.

If your block has an oblique shape with less width, say less than 10m, or if you have a large plot that can be subdivided into plots that are 10m or less in width, they present amazing opportunities to cleverly design affordable and  beautiful houses using various techniques. These techniques include varying roof heights, split levels, using different facade treatments and clever room layout.

The simplest design solution to maximise land usage on a narrow block is to build homes that compensate for the narrow width by being taller in height. The best example is a two storey home that requires only half of the regular lot size. By designing homes this way, more housing units can be fit into the same lot which increases investment opportunities. Why not build a duplex rather than a single storey home if you can design it beautifully? The more the number of people who can live on the lot, the higher the lot's market value.

Our design homes feature floor plans that ensure aesthetics and comfort through the best use of every square metre of the built up area. The company has a new array of small house designs that mitigate the common problem faced by small frontage dwellings by fitting beautifully into the unique land space without any or no wastage. We ensure this by designing floor plans that efficiently align liveable rooms and minimise the space used for hallways and maximise livability.

INH Northwest designs suit those folks who wish to make maximum use of their available land by building narrow shaped homes. Our designs help homeowners stay modern with respect to comfort and style while reaping huge returns on their investment. Moreover, we offer a wide array of custom design options, so that you can create a home that best suits your needs and comfort. We are the best when it comes to building small homes with maximum functionality and style.

To sum up, you can multiply the amount of livable space and investment options on your plot by building houses that are narrower but taller in height. This is also a fantastic solution to the problem of housing affordability for people who own narrow lots close to Gunnedah or Coonabarabran. Call us to take a peek at the Integrity New Homes narrow lot designs and own your beautiful new home in no time!