Home is the place where we spend most of our time and cherish the happy moments of our life. Adding dynamic designs or good gardening trends to your landscape brings tranquility, enhances aesthetics and an increase in value to your property. However in gardening, there are constant changes and challenges. But these challenges should not limit your dream of creating your perfect outdoor area.

Check the 4 outdoor trends for 2022 to enhance your outdoor setup.

1. Vegetable and Herb Gardens
Vegetable and herb gardens are an attractive addition to any outdoor setting. They are fantastic spaces to spend time and reduce stress. It even requires the smallest amount of space in your garden. Planting vegetables and herbs in the garden also creates educational opportunities for your kids, introducing experiences to learn new skills. It serves both a functional and aesthetically pleasing setting in your garden. Beginners can start with tomatoes and lettuce; experiment and check what best suits your garden and climate.

Carefully plan and incorporate suitable plants in your garden to get the best look and feel to your garden. Some of the good dry weather vegetables to grow in your garden are mentioned below.
•    Beans
•    Cucumber
•    Peppers
•    Tomato’s

2. Flowering Plants
Vibrant flowers are ideal options to bring a look of extravagance to your garden.

Whilst vibrant flowers bring beauty to your outdoor setting another key aspect to introducing flowering plants to your outdoor area is pollination.

Pollination is a key contributor to farming communities and plays a significant role in the health, economically and environmentally. Introducing flowering plants to your home, even though small, will contribute to the surrounding area and helps play a part in the health of the community.

The effort and cost required for the installation and maintenance of flowering plants are also minimal. Follow a pattern when arranging the flowering plants to get the best looks for your garden. Some great Australian Flowers that help with pollination are mentioned below.

•    Bottlebrush
•    Daisies
•    Westringia  

3. Outdoor escapes
Creating shaded areas outside brings another dimension to your home. Having outdoor escapes encourages a richer lifestyle and sees you utilise every aspect of your home. Whether it be for relaxing or entertainment there are some fantastic aspects to include in your outdoor escape.
Fire pits, seating areas, decks, and couches would be great additions to the area. Adding vertical climbing plants (grape vines or wisteria) aids in increasing the natural feel of the area.

4. Alfresco Kitchens
Going one step further with your outdoor escape, you can install an outdoor kitchen or an alfresco kitchen to increase the space functionality. Cooking and dining outdoors in amazing weather helps you enjoy your space and create memories with your friends and family. There is an outdoor kitchen for every budget.  When setting the outdoor kitchen, consider the durability; it should withstand different weathers. Create the ultimate entertainment area for conducting amazing outdoor parties.

We hope you are inspired to create a fantastic outdoor experience that can be loved and used by all. Happy Gardening!