Winter is coming to the North West. Along with the chill comes a great burden in the form of electricity bills especially for people in Gunnedah and Coonabarabran where winter affects the most. As the cost of electricity is now higher than ever before, here are some simple home styling tricks that we believe could help to reduce the electricity bills along with staying comfortable in this winter.

1. Make use of accessories like plump cushions and throws to get some additional warmth. It will be great to use warm colours  and textures to your styling. Earthy tones of red,orange and yellow help to create an aura of happiness and contentment inside the house. To have a cozy atmosphere it is good to use beautiful warm natural colours like khaki and varying shades of cream and brown. A throw blanket can be used as a bedspread at night and can also be used to wrap behind a sofa or chair. It is better to use warm and comfortable fabric like fleece or wool, faux or warm soft cotton. Thermal blanket can be used as an additional layer of insulation.

2. Floor rugs can be placed above old carpets or at other specific areas on the floor; this can be much cheaper than getting new carpets. Rugs help to trap heat in your home, thereby providing additional warmth and comfort underfoot. Make sure to use rugs with thick piles for effectively retaining warmth in your home. Keeping a rug next to your bed can be very comfortable to your partner and could also save your feet from being frozen.
3. Good quality bedding can keep you warm during the winter. To keep you warm at night a thick quilt or duvet (also known as Donas for some Aussies) can be used to insulate your body. Be sure to use sheets that are made from warm material like flannel or cotton.

4. Add a thin layer of clothing material like cotton followed by a layer of wool or fleece on your clothing to stay warm and reduce the electricity bills. Layering will help to trap the heat close to your body, keeping you warm and comfortable. Wearing a jacket can further insulate your body.

5. When it comes to home appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, make sure to use energy efficient  appliances to reduce the cost of electricity. It is better to turn off the second fridge which is used to store cold drinks during summer; this could save your money and is also good for the environment. Make sure to check energy efficiency ratings of appliances before you buy your next one. It will give you a clear idea about how energy efficient each product really is.

6. A simple way to reduce the electricity charges is to take short showers. Be sure to get out of the shower in five minutes or less. At the beginning, this could seem hard but try a last 20 seconds blast in cold water after turning off the hot water. We are sure this would make you fresh and ready to come out of the shower.

7. Lastly, try to keep your curtains and blinds open in the daytime. This will help to warm up your home using natural light from sunshine. So you don’t need to use the heating as much. This in turn will make the electricity bill cheaper.

Wish you and your family a wonderful winter!