When exploring a whole new place, whether it be a in another country (hopefully those days will return!) , a newly discovered mountain trail on your push bike or motor bike, or a trip to the Red Centre of Australia on a bus, one thing is constant: the option to engage a tour guide!

Tour guides are professionals that lead their guests through the most interesting parts of their region. Just like a compass or a map, only much more interesting and informational. They help tourists to have a positive experience and take care of their guests as best as they can. Guides know all the interesting and noteworthy things about  their location, and city and can provide insider access that allows you to experience a destination like a local. 

Being guided for a few days during a sweet holiday already feels great. The happiness that comes with being led to only the greatest places with incomparable experiences is already unmeasurable but imagine if we are actually this well-guided in some of the more permanent decisions that we make in life say… when it comes to building a home?

Building your home, especially one that is customised for you and your family is no easy feat. It is something that needs to be planned carefully and strategically but most importantly it is something that you need the right people to work with. 

While there are bigger, more popular builders in the country, nothing beats the ability of a local builder to start your dream house with a little bit of love and finish it with a premium quality home. Just like local tour guides that take you to the best adventures while you’re on a holiday, local builders will give you the best outcome for whatever house you plan to have erected for you and your family just like a dream come true. 

Locally Built Will Last A Lifetime


Site savvy - Local builders have extensive knowledge of the area which would mean that having to work with any type of site that you choose would not be a problem at all. They already have prior knowledge of the area’s weather conditions, the local economy, and the community, as well as an extensive understanding of the local building regulations and codes, which would translate to an improved building process for you.

Efficient custom design solutions - Local builders are generally active members of the community therefore they generally understand the individuality, personality, and requirements of the people they are dealing with. This would help them bring more heart to the project that they would work on. 

Giving back to the community - Choosing a local builder would also mean giving back to the community even before settling in. Local builders are also a part of the community so they depend on the trusting relationships they build with the members of the community, ensuring that you will be provided only by the best service.

Customer centered - Since local builders are usually community-centered it is also expected for them to be customer-centered as well which would guarantee a smooth home building journey for you. With a local builder, you will not have any problems getting in touch and you will be heard and be taken seriously. Working with a local builder is a collaboration with all of your needs and wants being a priority.


Guiding You In Changing Your World 😍


Just as it takes effective communication, strong empathy, and a charismatic personality to make a good tour guide, it takes particular estimating, designing, building and logistical skills to offer quality housing.

At Integrity New Homes New England (Inverell and Tamworth), it is our mission to create one-off custom designed home plans to suit individual tastes, situations and site requirements. We can help you with advice around what block would best suit your needs, showcasing a wide range of house plans available and custom design skills, effectively giving you a tailored experience. Our team aims to give you achievable pricing, quality assurance and construction, giving you the best home building journey you and your family deserve. 

Integrity New Homes New England is a family owned business that has worked hard to earn the trust of our small community. We provide the innovative design flair of an architect coupled with the systems, service, quality and price benefits of a volume builder and you get personalised honest service.

Our family at Integrity New Homes New England will help give your own family the comfort, safety, and security you intend to provide for them. Be guided right in building your home, change your world with us.