The housing market has gone through a profitable bubble for the past two years. The value of homes has increased and we have seen back-to-back record years for new homes built in Australia.

The Tamworth, Inverell and the surrounds have played their part in the bubble and homeowners would be feeling good about the increase in the value of their homes.

Yet, this bubble has started to minimise and a return to normal is happening in the building sector.

What won't return to normal is the savvy nature people have taken to asking the right questions, exploring their options and finding the right fit for the new home build.
We believe this is a positive for the industry and encourage this as we believe our business model works for those wanting the best for their new home build.

A few of the key factors of why it is beneficial to build with INH New England are:

A local builder who understands the New England and Tamworth region and understands the needs of the people who live here.
A builder with national buying power, reducing the cost of your build.
A builder with high-quality inclusions at affordable costs.
A builder with a large range of plans that are ready to build.

What is national buying power?

Integrity New Homes New England is owned and operated by Peter and Denise Horwood. Both Peter and Denise are passionate about creating beautiful homes.

One of the highest qualities of building with a local is you receive the quality care, support and attention required to ensure a new home build goes smoothly.

A local builder who owns a national franchise has the leverage to get the most out of the national buying power of a national building business which benefits you by reducing prices, whilst giving you the attention you deserve through a build.

It is a big win/win for new homeowners in New England.

An additional positive element of being a national franchise is leveraging the national supplier agreements when it comes to choosing the products for your new home.

Peter and Denise have access to some of Australia's top-tier suppliers and their inclusions are competitively priced. Because of the national supplier relationships, you receive quality products with quality warranties at a reduced price.

Our national buying power and national supplier agreements are just two of many reasons why building with us produces fantastic results and happy clients.
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Peter and Denise love building custom homes. They are passionate about creating unique and stunning homes and they never shy from a challenge.

Yet this may not be the best path for those looking to work within a tight budget. For those looking to save, we have our standard design range.

Our standard design range is a fantastic selection of pre-designed homes that you can choose to build. They come in a range of sizes and styles and aim to provide people with an opportunity to reduce the costs of the home build.

Not only are these homes fantastic as they are, but they are also customisable.

This is fantastic for new homeowners looking to build because you can look to create even more savings by reducing the size and removing any unnecessary elements for your future home.  

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Are you looking to build a new home in the Inverell and Tamworth region? We would love to spend time with you to discuss your new home build to see if we would be a fit to build your dream new home.

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