If you are someone who is  located in or around the beautiful Gloucester Valley, and you are looking to invest in a project that could potentially double your family income it’s time to give Integrity New Homes Gloucester a call!

In this age of inflation, wouldn't such a possibility be a dream come true? 😉

The great news is that  by building an accessory residential unit in the free outside space in your yard or on your acreage,  or by re-modelling your home into a duplex or triplex house you can really capitalise on the current market and set yourself up for financial success down the track. 

Wonder how these can be done? 😏

As you are probably already aware, dual occupancies have been trending for a while now, but their value in the market is far from falling. (Isn’t that great news!?)

Many people in recent years have opted to build additional dwellings such as granny flats adjacent to their existing home on their property with the aim of increasing the overall equity value of their land, or for renting out to tenants. 
Duplex conversion of homes by building an additional habitable space separated by a common wall requires comparatively less investment and has minimum impact on the original structure. Many people prefer this, as their day-to-day life will not be affected during the construction process. Some owners, who lack or prefer to maintain the extra space in the vicinity of their house, choose to build an additional storey to convert their single-family homes into dual occupancy homes. If you are on a town block this may be attractive to you as a homeowner. 
Building two extra dwellings attached to their homes, with a wall between units, or building two additional floors to convert their residences into three-storey triplex apartments is also gaining momentum among communities especially in the cities. Especially if the land value is high. Such housing schemes can often bring in significant income in the form of rent or equity uplift for households. The many triplex housing units in Australia built over the last 5 years are statements to their success as investment choices.
Dual-key properties are a modern concept. Their main difference to dual occupancies is that they have a shared front door and often a shared common living room and kitchen. However, they will have locked regions with multiple rooms for each individual occupant-group. These may include bedrooms, bathrooms, dining, extra living rooms, and decks for each of the groups or individuals.  Slight modifications such as kitchen renovations, installation of partition walls and entrances will be required but the expenses will be significantly lesser than that for development into other types of dual-occupancy properties like duplex or triplex units. If a family, which is willing to share some of their living space, renovates their residential building into a dual-key property and rents out to interested clients, they can get a very high return of investment from the endeavor. While renovating, some home  owners build beautiful common decks too to make the property more appealing. For homes such as this Integrity New Homes Gloucester offers a custom design service, so that your ideas and sketches can be turned into something that is quotable, and buildable for you.

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We are experts in renovating entire homes,  kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, and building decks or second storeys for homes. 
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