There is no doubt that there is a lot of attention on the property market at present.
The world economy and housing market is rapidly growing. As a result, investment and property development has again become a hot topic for those looking to maximize their returns from purchased lands in areas close to metropolitan areas.

Mid Coast NSW offers the perfect opportunity for investors looking to branch out of the metropolitan market whilst leveraging an area close to popular cultural centers. Here we present four of the most popular trendy housing styles created by INH to maximise profitability. Go through them to discover the best housing style that suits your business acumen and budget.


The Livingston
The Livingston is a single story dual occupancy dwelling with a common garage and an intertenancy wall.  Developers or investors can reap the profits from the rentals from the smaller dwelling while living in the bigger one. The main residence has 4 bedrooms. The open living area includes the family room, dining and kitchen and leads on to an alfresco. There is also a separate media room near the entrance. The additional smaller dwelling has 2 bedrooms with a patio adjacent to one of them, a shared bath, and a common area that contains the kitchen meals area and a lounge.

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The Manning
The Manning house is an investor's dream as it makes the best possible use of available space. It is a two story duplex residence with an intertenancy wall through the center. The house contains a total of six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two living areas all on the first floor with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one living area per unit. The master bedrooms have walk-in robes and attached ensuites. It has two garages, kitchens, alfrescos and family areas - one each per residence. The ground floor also contains two laundrys, 2 washrooms with dunnies, and 2 desk areas; one in each residence.

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The Kazan
The Kazan 525 was purposely designed for narrow metropolitan sites with the upper floor inset (due to potential local authority building plane envelope and overlooking requirements), and the double Garage stretched beyond the upper floor to take advantage of zero-boundary sites.
The design is highly functional with the Entry, Family (first living space), Walk-In-Pantry (WIP), Dining, Nook, Laundry, Garage, undercover Alfresco and Powder with vanity on the lower floor. The Nook is purposely placed on the lower floor and adjacent to the Powder, Entry and Garage for those who work from home.

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The Reece
For investors looking for creative ways to produce maximum value from a small piece of land, the Reece design is a perfect opportunity. The Reece is a two- story apartment with a total of 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The house incorporates open plan living concepts. The Reece design comprises two dwellings, separated by an intertenancy wall.

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INH has a variety of investment style properties for you to invest in depending on your interests and initiatives. Maximise the returns from your investment portfolio by building amazing properties and getting the most out of your block. All our designs can be customized to suit the individual customer's needs and aspirations. Get in touch with us today to know more about the different types of houses and the investment opportunities and benefits they present.