As 2022 has dawned, the market continues its post-pandemic upward trajectory.  Investment and property development are now as hot a topic as they ever were. People who are looking to maximise their returns on purchased lands in areas close to metropolitan areas are speeding ahead with their property development plans - be it renovations or new home construction.

Mid Coast NSW is a hotspot for investors looking to branch out of the metropolitan market whilst leveraging an area close to a cultural center. They hope to capitalise on the several advantages the region has to offer. Read on to know why and how you should build your dream home in Gloucester in 2022.

INH Mid Coast, the leading local builder in the region is your best bet when it comes to developing property. Firstly, INH being a national franchise comes with a huge purchasing power and the advanced i-gyro software that can ensure that the construction project stays on track. The software is also a powerful tool to customise your designs to suit your needs, whether you are building units, duplexes, single story, double story, acreage or split level homes. Moreover, the projects are executed by the best in class tradesmen and directly overseen by the franchise business director to ensure that you get only the best quality build and service.

We are a second generation builder with years of experience building in the terrains in and around Gloucester, Harrington, Old Bar, Taree, Foster, Seal Rocks, Stroud, Bunyah & Tea Gardens. Our emphasis on clear communication, transparency at each phase of the project, and high standards of professionalism marked by unlimited client access to our job management software, additional quality assurance checklists, lifetime structural warranty, strict protocols for behavior on site and reputation for honest upfront advice has made us trusted and beloved service providers in the region over the decades.  Our Integrity Edge Quality Assurance system ensures that strict build procedures are followed..

We are pioneers and the best experts on sustainable and energy efficient building designs. When building a new home, it is unwise to rely heavily on artificial heating, cooling and ventilation systems when the best resources for these - the sun and the wind - are available free of  any cost! We plan house alignment and window placement in such a way that the house is cool in summers and warm in winters. The designs also ensure that rooftop solar panels for electricity and water heating are aligned in such a way as to make switches to the grid rarely necessary. The sustainable design combined with proper insulation ensures that your dream abode is energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

Our design library has thousands of designs to choose from. The architecture and colors are regularly updated to suit and reflect contemporary design outlooks. However, if you need to implement your own one-off design ideas while building your dream house, Integrity’s award winning professional in-house Home Design team is there to help you out. We are popular for creating affordable custom designed solutions from client's sketches and ideas to suit their individual lifestyle requirements with a strong focus on environmentally sustainable building practices and unique construction concepts.
We hope you are convinced that now is as best a time as any to take the next step towards your home ownership or property investment business. If you feel excitement when thinking about your home project, feel free to contact us today at the link given below. Just send us your contact details and requirements and our award-winning customer support team will get back to you in no time.

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