Midcoast NSW is witnessing a housing boom and demand for land like never before. This is particularly true in the Gloucester region where vacant lands are getting rapidly built on. This has driven up the land prices significantly and the region is on the brink of an acute affordability crisis, where the average person is unable to finance new home construction. How can someone who earns an average income ride over this impending crisis and own their dream home near the city?

With some blocks having 12m or less width, homeowners are naturally concerned about options to create liveable homes in the plot. As the size of land gets smaller and people are being forced to buy elongated plots due to high prices, it is necessary to adopt clever and affordable design solutions for making maximum use of the available space. The answer lies in narrow lot house plans.

Narrow lot house plans must be designed to make the most of the limited area (and sometimes sloping blocks) whilst maintaining the functionality and beauty of the home. The common ways of designing such houses are by incorporating split levels, varying roof heights, using different facade treatments and creating a clever room layout. Integrity New Homes Midcoast also specifically caters for narrow block designs. These designs make the best use of every ounce of space and are versatile enough to include features like office nooks and living areas that help to maximise the functionality of the available space.

The most popular solution for narrow sites is to build homes that are narrower in width but compensate for the lesser width by being taller in height. Such designs can be easily achieved by two-storey designs that take up only half of a regular lot size. In this way, affordable irregularly shaped land can be best utilised and more living space. Another common option is to build duplexes instead of single-family homes. This will also allow more people to live on each block while using less land area, thereby improving the affordability of land in the region. Moreover, folks with large blocks of land are also subdividing their property into smaller units for increased land usage efficiency and better revenue options.

The Integrity New Homes designs homes present floor plans that are created to make the optimum use of every square metre, creating comfortable and beautiful living spaces in the process. The company’s brand new small house designs provide a solution to the problem of small frontage dwellings by fitting them into the unique land space beautifully with minimum waste. This was achieved by designing floor plans that align rooms in ways that minimise hallways and maximise livability cleverly and efficiently.

The designs are ideal for anyone who wants to downsize their cozy home without giving up on comfort or style. Additionally, Integrity New Homes offers a diverse range of custom design options for customers. This allows them to create a home that's perfect for their needs and lifestyle. So, if you're looking for a smaller home with plenty of style and functionality, Integrity New Homes can offer the perfect solution for you.

By building houses that are narrower in width and taller in height, INH creates house designs with more space for people to live the best and most comfortable lives. This offers a possible solution to the increasing problem of housing affordability. This is because it puts narrow lots back in the spotlight as solutions for beautiful affordable housing. Contact Integrity New Homes Midcoast today and browse through our narrow lot designs when designing or building your next home.