Have you ever had to choose a colour to repaint your home, maybe it was a bedroom, or the living area that needed a repaint, and the very thought struck you with fear!?  Wondering what colour would be best… what would go with everything, what would stay modern and trendy or classic for years to come…and what would survive the dirt of the farm and the kids fingerprints?

Lots of doubts, lots of questions…

Well, we can’t tell you that a new paint job will survive the dirty fingerprints of the kids,  but we can tell you that we have six done for you Colour Selection story boards, we call FAST TRACK BOARDS, that give you peace of mind that everything will work together and your new home will look amazing. Integrity New Homes Gloucester uses only quality Dulux Paints on all our homes, and we always give you a 3 coat system to ensure that your walls are well covered. Externally we use a quality Dulux Weathershield that will stand the test of time, ensuring that your home looks great for at least 5- 10 years.

Living in the Gloucester Valley is beautiful, and simple. We love where we live. We love the lifestyle we have here and the people we share it with.  We are passionate about building homes for people to live in, homes that are well planned and that are designed and built to suit the family and the budget. See some of our plans here.  Not everyone can afford a huge mansion; But when you build an Integrity New Home, you are assured that your home will be one you can’t wait to come home to.

If you have a block of land that you want to put an investment property on,  our designs can be modified to suit rentals or low maintenance properties also.

After you have chosen your design and façade,  for your block or farm (we build in all areas around Kia Ora, Stroud Road, Stroud, Rawdon Vale, Faulkland and Manning ), we give you a preliminary estimate, and depending on what inclusions you have chosen to be part of your contract, this clearly shows you a breakdown of the costs to build your new home. This process doesn't need to take long, it's simple and easy.  This ensures that you are well on your way to being the proud owner of an Integrity New Home.  We walk you through the entire process and even give you the option to use the Fast Track Schemes to ensure that you are happy with the end result. 

With the grants available for First Home Buyers and other Government initiatives, it is the perfect time to start the process of building your new home. Choose Integrity New Homes Gloucester for your next project.