Ever imagined waking up in a large spacious country home in the rolling hills of the Australian countryside which is easily accessible from Newcastle and Sydney?

No, this is not a figment of imagination! Move into your new rural home in Gloucester and you could enjoy a country lifestyle within an hour from major city locations. Gloucester is a new booming residential hub in New South Wales which has of late been attracting new home owners from across Australia with its affordable land prices, friendly neighborhoods, spacious lots that offer a variety of options for recreation for families and kids.

Recently, many young families have made the change from urban to rural areas with an eye on the peaceful living conditions, lesser traffic, reduced pollution that regional towns offer. This trend has been expedited by the covid-19 pandemic that has influenced all our lives more than an year ago. In particular, those who are working remotely from home are finding the peaceful living conditions of a rural home more and more convenient and rejuvenating. With restrictions in public spaces in most big cities, folks are restricted to stay inside their smaller city homes even after work. A country dream home with larger interior spaces and vast open exterior spaces helps executives working from home as well as students attending classes from home to destress and regain their energy. The lower living expenses of a country lifestyle adds to this attraction. 

However, facilities like schools and hospitals in regional and rural areas play a significant part in the decision making process when considering moving from metropolitan areas This is where Gloucester, with its close proximity to Sydney and Newcastle is a clear winner. People living here in Gloucester enjoy the country lifestyle within an hour from major city centres and many regularly go to work and study in the city. Gloucester also offers the balance between the perks of living in rural community like cheaper and fresher produce and the accessibility to experience popular shopping destinations within Sydney and Newcastle. No wonder Gloucester is a dream destination for first time home owners!

As a result of its newfound attraction, Gloucester is a perfect location for Integrity New Homes Acreage design homes. The Ashburton, Bishop’s Court, Castle Rock and Grand designs give the look and feel of an valuable home while seen from the street. Imagine living in a palace like home and enjoying your leisure hours in the vast front yard or in a private alfresco with your family. Picture your kids growing up running around in open spaces in a safe and clean neighborhood and you making lots of beautiful memories with your family. This dream life is now just a phone call away for you!

Integrity New Homes (INH) Gloucester has years of experience building beautiful homes in the Gloucester region. We started out as a local builder and over the years gained the trust and love of the folks in and around Gloucester. We have a huge library of designs for you to choose from. Moreover, all our designs are customisable to add in your personal touch to your dream country home. So, why wait? Call our Gloucester office at  1300 886 793 or just fill in your contact details here so that our customer service agents can get in touch with you.