The biophilic design movement's rise fosters a stronger connection to nature in the way we build shared spaces. In their daily existence, humans want a connection with and access to nature. Bringing biophilic components into the home is a simple way to keep that connection while indoors. Natural wood finishes and furniture are being phased out in favour of man-made or synthetic finishes throughout the home. Raw timber, stone, and concrete finishes are being used in kitchen and bathroom spaces, including vanities, walls, and ceiling linings. Sustainable wood is a natural material that adds warmth and richness to your house. Bringing nature inside with wood finishes adds texture and movement to any area.

While marble continues to dominate in bathrooms, kitchens, and smaller-scale furnishings like coffee tables and accessories, the stone is also having a huge moment in furniture, with warmer tones like travertine making a statement with refined, Italian-inspired elegance. Stone's tactile and sumptuous appeal is an excellent way to improve any environment. There is a rising understanding of the negative impact synthetic fibers have on not only our world but also on our health. Many individuals have no idea what their flooring is made of, whether it's carpet or rugs, and have been unintentionally filling their houses with polyester, which is actually plastic!