Integrity New Homes Griffith is awaiting land registration on three blocks in order to start three custom design homes at Willandra Gardens estate.
While Willandra Gardens at South Griffith, has drawn a great deal of interest from house and land builders, Integrity New Homes Griffith are finding their custom design service has been very popular.
There is strong demand from new home buyers who want to have a home which has been designed to suit their needs and lifestyle.
Many people like the idea of having a home that is special and unique to them rather than a house that has been churned out for hundreds of others.
Integrity New Homes Griffith have become so busy they only have a handful of available “slots” for new clients wishing to enjoy the benefits of a custom designed home.
One of the homes will be built at the corner of Lanza Grove and Cappello close with two others to be completed in Lamari Drive.
For more information please call Terry Greedy today on ph: 0418 687 671.