In Geraldton, Horrocks, Kalbarri, Dongara, and the surrounding MidWest WA region, we are lucky enough to be able to have plenty of  larger block sizes than in other urban areas. It doesn't matter what sized block you own,  we have a design that will work on your site.  It may need a tweak,  but we are good at that!

Building on your block of land has really ramped up these past twelve months with the Federal Government Grant available to all Australian Homeowners, and land owners. 
Building or renovating your home is also a smart investment choice, improving and adding value to your property in todays financial climate will set you up for years to come.

At Integrity New Homes Geraldton, our custom design library has house plans for blocks of all sizes and shapes, but if you can't find the plan that is just right for you, as I have already mentioned, we can custom design your home to suit you!

With the rising inflation and soaring property rates, now is the time to make your move.

Although the property market in Geraldton hasn’t gone up significantly over the past few years,  the rate of people buying has.  With lots of building development happening such as the new hospital as well as plenty of local smaller type works, Geraldton’s future is looking bright!

Custom home plans for large blocks, large expansive country homes, double storey homes, and narrow house designs have been our area of expertise for over 30 years and we have an expert team solely dedicated to making the perfect design for your dream living space. If you already own a block of land, this decision that you make today can potentially save thousands of dollars otherwise spent on buying a new home.

Renovating is a very popular choice, especially if you love the location where you live, but you are sick of the old and outdated style of your home. 

Times and seasons change, we understand!  We are able to help you reshape the home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

 Integrity New Homes Geraldton is locally owned and operated by the born and bred local Burger family  with strong ties to the communities around the Mid West WA  region. As such we offer unparalleled customer service and a personal touch to all our customers.

 Call us today to experience the Integrity edge!