As you know with the recent cyclone we had, the national construction codes are going to change and Geraldton’s actually going into a cyclonic region in the next NCC.

We've been working with the engineer to come up with an easy solution to start pumping these houses at all the N4 straight into cyclonic.

Which is quite easy to do with a timber frame home yet. You’re able to get a tie down into the slab a lot easier and faster than you can with a brick.

So all of this we've started implementing into our builds as per now as well.

So we've been working with the government and working with the building codes and the engineers to be able to get a good solution to make houses cyclonic and, you know, give you peace of mind on your life and hopefully, that way no one has to lose their houses again if an event like that happens.

So we've implemented this already. You know the NCC is not changing for another 6 to 12 months, but we've implemented it. We want to be ahead of the game. We want to rock up when the NCC changes and already be working and knowing what we're doing, rather than having to re-find out what we have to do and how to restructure what we're building and redevelop all of our plans and stuff like that.

So we're doing that now, and we've already started taking into account for our new homes, and they will all be built to cyclonic rating.