This simple meal is full of flavour combining ingredients which are easily accessible in Yamba.



1.5kg of peeled and deveined green prawns (to feed 5 people).

4 large cloves of crushed garlic.

Olive oil.

300gms of diced mushrooms.

1 large red chilli small diced (include the seeds).

Knob of butter.

1 large tomato diced.

150mls of low fat cream.

100mls of white wine.

200grms tinned diced tomatoes.

7gms of diced fresh dill.

Pasta (ie spaghetti or fettuccine are best).

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper.



1.    Bring salted water with a dash of oil to the boil in a pot and cook pasta.

2.    Clean and devein prawns and mix with crushed garlic, a splash of oil and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

3.    Fry the mushrooms in oil and some butter in a deep frying pan and remove when cooked.

4.    Fry the prawns, garlic and chilli in the same pan until almost cooked then add fresh tomato and return the mushrooms to then add some more butter.

5.    Add all the wine and tinned diced tomatoes to the prawn mixture and allow to reduce for a minute or two.

6.    Add the diced dill and cream and warm through (but do not boil). Season to taste with salt and pepper.

7.    Serve on pasta with a salad of your choice.


1.    If you are keen, marinate the seasoned prawns in crushed garlic overnight.

2.    To give the meal more kick use small red chillis and fry for longer.

3.    While the butter adds to the depth of flavour it can be left out.

4.    If you want to make the sauce thicker and glossy, mix some cornflour (say half a tablespoon) in half a cup of water and then add to the sauce and cook for a minute or two.