Do you have second thoughts about building a house on a sloped lot? You are not alone!
A steep block construction is a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. However, most home buyers are more likely to choose a flat block, as many people avoid sloped lots worrying about potential inconveniences.


Before Investing into a Sloping Site
Discussing all the details and problems that might arise with your local Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast builder is the first step you need to take before actually investing your life savings into a block that you may not be able to afford to build upon!
We will engage professionals to survey the land, check the soil quality and assess the surroundings. Sloping sites do not carry any more risk than a flat block, they are different risks and challenges to consider. Therefore, you need to catch up with the team at Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast before purchasing.
Our custom design team can design your dream home. If stormwater runoff from neighbouring properties is a concern, just build above it all! If bushfire, we can use special timbers, steel, masonry, or fibre cement for the structure. If you have the space, then we can even find ways to put a house on a slab on the block.
If you are the beneficiary of an Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast National Design Magazine or are deep diving the new house designs on our website, it is important to establish if the block is sloping up or down, because each will require a different procedure and design.


Sloped Lot House Plans
Depending on this criterion and your preferences, Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast can assist you to decide the best solution for your home. One of the most popular sloped lot house plan types is split-level homes. In this case, your house consists of different levels, and usually you can access each one through interior stairs.
Another popular and more budget-friendly choice is building on steel posts. Your future home would be placed on steel posts that raise the subfloor of the house, positioning it at an even level. This method works great when it comes to really steep blocks, when you want to have a minimal impact on the surroundings, and when you are trying to maintain elevation to capture a view or to maintain a street frontage.
Of course, you can also choose the cut-and-fill method, where a sloped block is transformed into a flat surface. In this case, the lot is filled with soil to get the house to a natural ground level. This method can be much more costly than building on posts if you are constrained by tight boundaries as it will often result in the addition of extensive retaining walls as well as careful consideration of stormwater management/diversion/collection to ensure you have not negatively impacted a downhill neighbour.
Although more challenging, building on steep sites comes with multiple advantages. Let’s explore the top benefits of investing into a steep block construction.


A Sloping Block Offers More House Design Choices
As we mentioned, building a house on a sloped lot offers various house plans, and each of them comes with a variety of designs. For example, if you choose a split-level home, your future house will automatically seem more spacious, thanks to the different layers and multiple levels.
Sloping blocks also offer much more space for creativity. Open space living areas, large windows and asymmetrical designs can all be used with a split-level house plan, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing decor.
Moreover, steep block houses are more likely to have higher ceilings which can fit a variety of house designs, from ultra-modern to more traditional, and even luxurious.

Stunning View and Natural Light
Take a moment to imagine: You are just waking up and you can see the sun rising. You make yourself a cup of coffee and you sit in silence, admiring the beautiful view from your terrace. Does it sound like a dream? It’s all possible with a house built on a sloped lot.
In Australia, houses built on steep blocks are usually located in beautiful areas that are surrounded by nature, or that offer a stunning view of the coast (hint: Coffs Coast….). This is the kind of scenery you can’t get to enjoy from a house on a flat ground, usually because other buildings are blocking your view.
Building a house on a sloped block will help you get a break from the city noise, ensuring moments of silence and much more privacy. Moreover, you’ll get unlimited doses of sunlight throughout the day.


Building on a Sloping Block May Reduce Energy Bills
With a house positioned on a sloping block, you have options to reduce energy bills over time. This happens mostly because of the increased ventilation that comes with higher altitudes. Moreover, with an elevated home there is less likelihood of overshading from a neighbour which will result in greater solar generation.


Take the next step
Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast have experience building homes on challenging lots, like sloping blocks and narrow sites. You’ll be able to stay connected with us throughout the entire home building process, so everything goes according to your preferences.
We offer a variety of house designs to inspire you, but we are also open to your vision and ideas.
Contact the team at Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast and let’s discuss your future dream home!