Integrity has created a new home franchising "product" incorporating iGyro™ as the operating platform, from which every necessary element of a building company can be delivered. There is a particular focus on regular training and development and the establishment of a collaborative team approach from the franchisees and franchisor.

Franchisees are provided with a complete range of standard and custom designed homes, the customised iProx™ quick sales estimating package, standard operating correspondence and checklists, pre-negotiated supplier rates and significant back-up from the resources of the Integrity Group.

Integrity's unique combination of project homes, steep site designs and massive portfolio of custom designs are all available to franchisees online. What is more every design has a bill of quantity. Integrity is now changing builder's worlds as well.

Visit our new Integrity Franchising website or call  Glenn Leet on 0428 536 021 for a franchise information pack today.