The key to great design is to create homes that actually suit the way you live day-to-day. This can vary depending on a huge range of factors but is really all about identifying what you want in a new home and then determining what works on your block and within your budget.

At Integrity New Homes Clarence Valley all our homes are designed furnished to create maximum usable space. It is not about having the biggest house for the least money, because often you can be paying for space which you can’t actually use.

Plus a “squares for dollars” approach to establishing a budget doesn’t actually address the key issues of the cost of a home which actually relate to the external perimeter length of the walls and complexity of roof line as well as what is and isn’t included.

Your home can still have character, design and style and be affordable.

This exclusive franchise territory has become available for a boutique builder wanting to access the systems and marketing of a major building but maintaining local levels of service.

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