Winter has come to Parkes and Forbes; even though the change of season can be refreshing, it could also be quite taxing in terms of your energy bill, particularly in places like Forbes and Parkes. Here we present some easy home styling tricks that could bring down your electricity expenditure this winter while nonetheless staying cozy.

1.  Bring a little additional warmth to your homes this winter using add-ons; plump cushions and throws are ideal. Include warm colours and textures in your home styling. Earthy tones like red, orange and yellow can bring more joy to the mind, as do the lovely warm natural colours like khaki and varying shades of cream and brown. Using warm colours is perfect for a comfortable surroundings. Wrapping a throw blanket behind a sofa or chair, or even using it as a bedspread on winter nights to reduce the cold. Make use of warm and comfortable fabrics like fleece or wool,  faux or warm soft cotton. In case you’re seeking out an extra layer of covering, consider using a thermal blanket.

2. Instead of replacing your old carpet, it is better to place rugs above the carpet or at specific places. Rugs not only add additional warmth to your home, they can also trap the heat from leaving the house, thus reducing the expense to a great extent! For preserving heat at your house make sure to use rugs with a thick pile. Keeping one next to your bed could make your partner more comfortable and it could also save you from frozen feet.

3. Having good quality bedding in winter is the best way to be comfortably warm. To insulate your body and to be warm at night, it is good to have a thick quilt or duvet (also known as Donas in some parts of Australia). Be sure to have sheets crafted from warm material like flannel or cotton.

4. Layering your clothes is a great way to reduce the electricity bill by staying warm. At first, add a thin layer of material like cotton over which an additional layer of wool or fleece may be added. It will keep you warm by trapping the heat close to your body. Additionally, you can use a jacket to cover your body for added insulation.

5. It is better to use energy-efficient appliances especially when it comes to machines like washing machines and dishwashers. Also, make sure to switch off the second fridge that you use in summer to keep cold drinks. This will not only reduce your electricity bill but also will be good for the environment. You only need to go looking for new appliances if you need them, but next time you do, check their energy efficiency ratings. This will give you an idea about which appliances are truly energy efficient.

6. Simplest way to use less electricity is by taking shorter showers, say five minutes or less. This will lead to a considerable reduction in your electricity bill and it is also a good way to conserve water. This can be a challenging task, especially in cold weather! So, we would suggest a 20-second long nice cold blast after turning off the hot water that would get you ready to come out of the shower.

7. Keep your curtains and blinds open during the daytime. This will allow natural heat and sunshine to enter your home and keep it warm so you don’t have to turn on the heating as much. This in turn will reduce the use of electricity which will also be reflected in the bill.

Wish you a happy and healthy winter!