The population of Australia has grown significantly in the past 5 years. This is particularly visible in cities and towns in Central West NSW like Parks and Forbes. As a result, housing and property prices near urban circles have grown at a disproportionately higher rate compared to the increase in wages in these areas. However, as an affordability crisis looms in the towns and urban centres, countryside close to the towns still offer good housing options. People have the option to live in the country but close to the facilities in the town if they can maximise the available land effectively.

As there is a rising demand for available land like never before, several folks have started sourcing and living in properties constructed on narrow fronted blocks - some as narrow as below 10 m in width.

House owners and landowners who bought such small lots or houses on narrow blocks and live comfortably. Some others are wondering how to make such plots near urban centres into profitable investments.

This is now raising worries among houseowners about housing solutions in their narrow lot that can fully utilise the available space. However, block width and narrow blocks are not a concern if you rely on clever and affordable design.

It requires ingenuity and good planning to make maximum use of the small lots and build beautiful and functional residences. Fortunately, INH Central West has years of experience in creative home design ideas for small plots like split levels, varying roof heights, using different facade treatments, well planned clever room layouts, etc. Our expertise and several years of experience in building on narrow blocks helps us to use every bit of available space and make them functional. You can include features like office nooks, and other living areas.

Another simple solution to build on a narrow lot is to build a house that is narrow but taller. For example, if you build a two storey house that takes up only half the land area of a normal house, you can incorporate more living space into your small block of land. As narrow lots are usually less expensive, they can be made into easy investment options. Further, those who wish to convert their available narrow land into an investment can build a multi storey duplex on the site. This way they can get maximum returns from renting out one or both units and generate significant sustainable revenue from the investment.

Integrity New Homes Central West has home designs with space efficient floor plans that utilise every square metre of available space with minimal wastages. We design comfortable or beautiful homes on small blocks near towns through efficient and ingenious planning. Our latest small house designs present solutions for the issue of small frontages common in homes built on narrow lots. We have solved the issue through clever and efficient aligning of rooms by minimising hallways and maximising livable spaces.

INH designs present the best options for those who are looking for maximum comfort or style while building their new homes on small blocks. Moreover, we have a wide range of custom design options for our customers who want to personalise their home designs to meet their unique needs and lifestyle. So, Integrity New Homes Central West has the perfect solution for your need to build stylish and functional smaller homes.

To sum up, if you want to own or already own a narrow block of land near Parkes or Forbes, stylish and comfortable new home. The housing crisis can be resolved by building houses that are narrower in width but has more storeys, therefore height. This is the perfect solution can solve the affordability crisis in regions in and around the Central west region by increasing the value of narrow plots in the real estate market. So, call us today if you have any queries regarding Integrity New Homes narrow lot designs for building your new home.