Forbes in Central West NSW, usually not known to experience heavy rains or storms, experienced heavy flooding recently. Recent extreme weather events around the world like catastrophic storms, floods, heatwaves, bushfires and other such phenomena suggest that we should not be so surprised! Because experts predict that these seemingly temporary freak events may quite possibly be recurrent. These calamities are the effects of a large-scale global climate change that has already caused serious damage to the ecosystem. Another grave issue is that the unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on our homes, causing repair and maintenance bills to explode! Therefore, new house constructions around Central west NSW must be eco-friendly and extra resilient to withstand the heavy rains, winds, inundations, and flooding hazards in addition to being a cozy comfortable haven for your family.

Home-owners should consider making their homes resilient and environmentally sustainable to avert becoming prey to the ever-changing weather. Additionally, builders have the responsibility, not only towards their clients but also towards the environment, to adopt robust construction methods to make the house strong and at the same time avoid causing harm to nature. For example, new constructions in and around Parks and Forbes region should be built to withstand above the average intensity of rainfall. Integrity New Homes has been keeping a constant watch on the climate change phenomenon and innovative building techniques devised to nullify the effects of floods and storms on houses to make your homes resilient.

Yes, we are one step ahead in building resilient homes for our customers!

Our commitment to lasting and sustainable construction practices is clear from the INH building practices. For instance, we have the traditional box gutters in our standard design with more innovative and efficient flood control methods like eaves, eave gutters, downpipes and onsite stormwater detention systems. This is because box gutters are prone to capacity constraints during extreme weather like heavy rains and have been known to consistently contribute to flooding and water damage in homes. All these components are designed with reference to the Australian National Plumbing Code AS3500.3.

INH Central west NSW has access to fit for purpose calculators and training for the design and construction of these building elements to comply with the recently updated code. Moreover, our builders are experts in incorporating different types of eaves and gutters in your home's design.

We believe that a contemporary builder must know how to minimise mould growth in buildings due to storms and floods. Proper airflow will reduce the harmful effects of rampant mould growth in unseen nooks and corners of your house and thereby promote the long-term health of the occupants. To achieve this, eave and roof ventilation systems need to be expertly designed as they are crucial elements that support airflow through the roof and wall cavities.

As a building is exposed to extreme weather elements like heatwaves, storms and floods, it increases the emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. For years, we have given top priority to the use of environmentally friendly building materials and green planning to minimise the emission of these greenhouse gases. Additionally, Integrity New Homes Central West has received Greensmart endorsement from the Housing Industry Association. This is professional training accreditation to provide home builders with the skills to deliver houses that are robust enough to withstand the impact of climate change and at the same time reduce future harmful effects on our environment.

Over many decades, Integrity New Homes Central West has acquired expertise in re-engineering the limited resources available in nature to build houses that fulfil the climate resilience requirements. Moreover, we upgrade existing houses to make them more eco friendly and adapted to climate change.

So, if you are passionate about building a new eco-friendly and climate-resilient home or seek a reliable building partner for a resilient housing upgrade, Integrity New Homes is undoubtedly the right choice for you. Together let's build beautiful houses that can withstand the rapidly changing climate and help preserve the ecosystem.