The last two years have seen some incredible shifts in the housing market. We have seen back-to-back years of record-breaking numbers for new homes being built. We have seen the value of built homes increase in a massive way.

For Cabramatta and the Inner Sydney region, this has been obvious to anyone looking to buy, sell or build.  And as the market starts to return to a more normal state there is room for opportunity.

What most likely won't change is the passion of potential new homeowners to find the best builder, at the best price. People have become savvier in their approach as they search for the right solution and builder for their new home.

We applaud this approach because we believe that our business model works well for those who want the care of a local builder coupled with the savings of a national building franchise.

A few of the key factors of why it is beneficial to build with INH Cabramatta are:

A local builder who understands Cabramatta and the Inner Sydney region and understands the needs of the people who live here.
A builder with national buying power, reducing the cost of your build.
A builder with high-quality inclusions at affordable costs.
A builder with a large range of plans that are ready to build.

What is national buying power?

Being part of a national franchise allows us, as local builders, to leverage the collective buying power typically found with larger builders.
Due to our national agreements with suppliers, we can source supply at a cheaper rate due to the volume of purchases by our national group.

Simply put, you get a local builder who can give you the attention you deserve, coupled with fantastic rates if purchasing supplies.

It truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to building your new home.

Another aspect of our national supplier agreements is the access to top-tier suppliers and their products added to the inclusions for your new home.
This means you get some of Australia's best home product brands at a reduced cost. This includes fantastic warranties and support if things go wrong.

Our national buying power and national supplier agreements are just two of many reasons why building with us produces fantastic results and happy clients.
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For those building on a budget, another cost-saving option is to choose a home from our standard design range.
Our standard design range includes a variety of homes that cover a multitude of styles, sizes, layouts and functions.

We believe our standard designs are a fantastic option for those looking to speed up the process and reduce the cost of their home.

Not only are these homes fantastic as they are, but they are also customisable.

This is fantastic for new homeowners looking to build because you can look to create even more savings by reducing the size and removing any unnecessary elements for your future home.  

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Thinking of building in the Inner Sydney and Cabramatta area? We would love to start a conversation with you to share more about why we believe we would be a good fit for your new home build.

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