As land continues to become scarce and councils rezone areas, the need for narrow homes has increase significantly. This coupled with a housing shortage and difficulty for first home buyers to get into the market has made designs like our narrow homes attractive for people looking to build in the Cabramatta area.

Due to the record-high demand for available land, people have started preferring properties constructed on narrow fronted blocks - even if the block is below 10 m in width. People who bought narrow lots and houses on narrow blocks are concerned about how to make such plots near the CBD into profitable investments. However, rather than a liability, a narrow block is actually a clever investment option if done correctly.

We can make maximum use of the small lots and build beautiful and functional residences with clever planning. So, INH Cabramatta has come up with creative home design ideas for small plots like split levels, varying roof heights, using different treatments for facades, well planned clever room layouts, etc. Our expertise in building on narrow blocks helps us to make every bit of available space functional. This helps us to include features like office nooks and other living areas which are important for remote working.

Integrity New Homes Cabramatta has home designs with highly space-efficient floor plans that make use of every square metre of buildable space minimising wastages. We design comfortable and beautiful homes on narrow blocks near towns using efficient and ingenious planning. We have released a new array of small house designs that offer perfect solutions to solve the issue of small frontages common in homes built on narrow lots. The issue has been resolved by efficiently aligning the rooms to minimise hallways and maximise liveable rooms.

INH designs are great choices for those who are looking for the best in terms of comfort and style when they are building their new homes on a narrow block. Moreover, INH presents a wide range of custom design options for our customers who want to personalise their home designs to meet their unique needs and lifestyle. Hence, Integrity New Homes Cabramatta is your perfect partner to build stylish and functional homes on small lots.