Brisbane continues to expand rapidly. This is especially true in important centers like Brisbane CBD, Spring Hill and South Brisbane. This creates a high possibility to increase your income if your space is near a public transport. Making optimum utilization of your land by building a second dwelling can be a great investment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before constructing an annex to your home.

Firstly, you should discuss with the local council about all the zoning and planning regulations you should follow while building an extension. For instance, your secondary dwelling should not be any bigger or taller than the size and height limits set by the council rules. This could help you to plan and design properly without further complications.

After that you should decide the purpose of the second dwelling. Integrity New Homes know that the design for the building changes according to the use and need of each individual.It can be for a home office with living facilities, a granny flat, or simply to accomodate your expanding family. Integrity New Homes can help you build a perfect building as per your need.

To tackle some building market challenges, Integrity New Homes comes with a new set of designs for second dwellings that can meet the needs of everyone. You could be a new home builder, renovator or an investor, we have the perfect team who loves to create the best building solutions for you.

From single room / studio style apartment/two to four-bedroom micro-home, the latest range of designs from Integrity New Homes have the perfect floor plan for all needs and budgets. We aim to cover all the needs of the second dwelling.

The main motive behind the idea of second dwelling is that it could be great to have space to accommodate your extended family. Building a granny flat next your home has become a part of Australian culture. It is also a good idea to have an extension so your older children can stay there with their family or can be used to accommodate grandparents.

Having a second dwelling can increase value of your home and when it comes to selling it, having a second dwelling can help you to get a good price for your home.

Adding a  granny flat/second dwelling/extension to your property can have many short and long term benifits. A second dwelling build as per the rules and regulations of that area can increase the  long-term value of your home. Creating a fixed revenue stream while adding value to your home is the main benefit of having a granny flat or second dwelling.

Designers at Integrity New Homes focus on creating layouts that make optimum utilization of your space while spending less money. We provide six great cost-effective second dwelling options that can create a spacious feeling inside while keeping the cost down.

Smart layouts are created to make a big feel at home at mini mal rates. We know that our clients are expecting maximum profit from their investment. So we design their homes in such a way that includes all the essentials in a cost effective manner.

Our franchise's goal is to have good communication and desire to provide you with a satisfactory product inside the marketplace. Our passion is to give good service without any compromise on the quality of the product.