1. At your initial consultation we discuss your budget and building requirements. We also offer a free site appraisal and written site inspection report.
2. Once you have chosen a house design or a custom design is created, we will provide a Preliminary Estimate to build on your selected block of land (this price will include all the items you want in your new home and may include landscaping, driveway, clothesline, letterbox and floor coverings).
3.  You will then complete the Preliminary Services Agreement and pay a preliminary services fee to order a soil test, contour survey, preliminary drawings and any other reports that may be required for your block of land. A fixed price can then be calculated for your new home.
4.  Building contracts and working drawings are then prepared and a deposit is required at this stage. We then arrange a colour selection meeting in our showroom to finalise fittings and finishes of your new home.
5.  It is then time for the building approval to be created, compiled and submitted. Upon issuance of the development approval (including any conditions) work then begins on all the purchase orders for all suppliers and trade contractors finalized and scheduled.
6.  Commencement on site will begin in accordance with individual building contracts. This will occur once final written finance approval has been obtained by you along with other conditions (e.g. proof of land title, land registration, site possession and subject to weather).
7. Construction commences and is then subsequently completed with handover and any maintenance items addressed.
8. Enjoy your new home…