The Power of Home Zones - Why does more than one living area increases your home's livability?

Armidale and its surroundings continue to increase their focus on the livability and functionality of the home. This is due to the increased time being spent in the home. We are seeing an increase in attentiveness to building homes flexible to accommodate the idea of hosting different areas for different purposes.

Welcome, Home Zones.

Creating home zones within your dwelling is an intentional way to maximise the usage out of your home. It is about understanding your needs and wants when building your home and ensuring that your home is flexible enough to cater for your lifestyle.

When designing a home we want to see and feel what would be taking place at any given moment.

Can you balance entertainment and intimacy? Are you able to separate the energy from a rumpus room from the rest of the home? Can you find those quieter moments without reducing place?

These personal and important questions should be asked when deciding what your future home will look, feel and function like.

Armidale has a particular flare when it comes to building homes. So we have chosen our favourite three standard designs to demonstrate how a home zone focussed home could look in the Armidale area.

Alton 250

The Alton 250 is a fantastic home design for those living close to town on a smaller block of land.
The four-bedroom home is highlighted by its large open plan living area that connects to the alfresco area, creating a fantastic space for friends and family.
The other key talking point is the media room. This room separates Bedroom 1 from the rest of the Bedrooms and works well as a second lounge room or potential rumpus room if need be.
Having this kind of flexibility is important when thinking about your future home and how your home zones will work throughout the years.

Ashburton 325

The Ashburton 325 is a mid-range acreage style home, perfect for any family with land to spare when building their home.
When it comes to building a home that is functional it is top tier. Bedroom one is separate from the remaining bedrooms, separated by the open plan living area, entry and study.
The open plan living area is fantastic. It is spacious and anchors the home and how your family will function within it. It is also coupled with an adjoining alfresco area, perfect for entertaining.
The next feature to highlight is the large lounge room to the front of the home that is coupled with a sitting area. These two rooms allow for a more intimate and relaxed setting for your home.
If it were up to us, the study room would be turned into a rumpus room if you had younger children. This perfectly positioned room is flexible enough to be used as a rumpus, an office or a spare bedroom if needed.
The Ashburton truly allows for maximum flexibility for your family.

Mackay 230

The Mackay series has for more than a decade been the singular most popular series of homes offered by Integrity New Homes.
Part of the success is the way these homes deliver fantastic functional everyday living experiences, in a value for money four-Bedroom series which adds “design elements” as the homes in the series increase in size.
This home is one of the finest examples of what can be done with multiple home zones for your family.
It comes with a rumpus room conveniently located near the secondary bedrooms. Perfect for play and creating memories.
The lounge room located towards the front of the home is perfect for more of an intimate setting, perfect for conversations, movies and viewing.
The centrepiece of the home is the large open plan living area that hosts the family room. The large kitchen and dining room couple the family room and allow for a fantastic area to entertain and build memories with your friends and family.

If your thinking of building a new home, why not get in touch with us today to start the conversation.