Armidale, NSW experiences heavy rains, storms flooding from time to time. But recently, the intensity and frequency of these events has reached unprecedented high levels and this has become a concern for locals. However, there is a much bigger picture to this erratic weather. Extreme weather events like catastrophic storms, floods, heatwaves and bushfires are becoming more frequent the world over and climate scientists say that we should not be so surprised! This is because these calamities are the effects of climate change that they have been warning us about for decades and it has already changed the ecosystem permanently. These extreme weather events like floods can wreak havoc on our homes, shooting repair and maintenance expenses through the roof! Therefore, as future-focussed builders with a commitment to both the long term safety plus financial health of our clients and to our environment, Integrity New Homes Armidale has shifted to eco-friendly and extra resilient housing designs and construction techniques.

Houses built by INH Armidale are, without an exception, resilient to climate change and built to withstand the heavy rains, winds, inundations, and flooding hazards in addition to being a cozy comfortable haven for your family. Moreover, new home-owners in regions in and around Armidale increasingly prefer homes that are resilient and environmentally sustainable to avoid becoming prey to the ever changing weather. So, INH Armidale has adopted robust construction methods to make the houses strong and at the same time avoid harming the environment. We have been keeping a constant watch of the climate change phenomenon and innovative building techniques devised to nullify the effects of floods and storms on houses to make your homes resilient.

INH Armidale has been one step ahead in building resilient homes for our customers! We use fit for purpose calculators and provide training for the design and construction of climate adaptive building elements that comply with the recently updated building code. And we have taken up the safety measures a notch higher than required by law. For instance, we have replaced box gutters from our standard design, as they are prone to capacity constraints in extreme weather events like heavy rains and often worsen flooding and water damage in homes rather than preventing them. So, we have replaced the traditional box gutters with novel and highly efficient flood control methods like eaves, eave gutters, downpipes and onsite stormwater detention systems. All these modern flood control and drainage components are designed with reference to the Australian National Plumbing Code AS3500.3. Furthermore, we have ensured that our builders are experts in seamlessly and aesthetically blending all these different types of eaves and gutters into your home's design.

Moreover, Integrity New Homes is an expert in minimising mould growth in buildings due to storms and floods. Proper airflow will diminish the harmful effects of rampant mould growth in inaccessible nooks and corners of the house and promote the long-term health and well being of its occupants. We design eave and roof ventilation systems masterfully to achieve this as they are crucial elements that support airflow through the roof and wall cavities. Additionally, any building exposed to extreme weather elements like heatwaves, storms and flood emits a certain amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. One of our top priorities is to use environmentally friendly building materials and green planning to minimise the emission of these greenhouse gases. Additionally, Integrity New Homes Armidale has received Greensmart endorsement from the Housing Industry Association. This professional training accreditation gives home builders the skills to deliver houses that are robust enough to withstand the impact of climate change while reducing future harmful effects on our environment.

Integrity New Homes Armidale has developed expertise in re-engineering the limited resources available in nature to build houses that fulfil the climate resilience requirements.

So, if your dream is to build a new eco-friendly and climate-resilient home and if you are looking for a reliable building partner for a resilient housing upgrade, Integrity New Homes is undoubtedly the right choice for you. Together let's build picturesque and resilient houses that can withstand the rapidly changing climate and help preserve the ecosystem.