Over the last two years, we have just seen an incredible bubble take place within the building industry. Homes skyrocketed in price and a record-breaking number of new homes were built nationally for both years.

With a rise will always come a fall and what we are seeing now is potential new homeowners becoming incredibly savvy when it comes to choosing the builder for their new home build. This is expected and something we encourage.

A few of the key factors of why it is beneficial to build with INH Armidale are:

A local builder who understands the area and your needs
A builder with national buying power, reducing the cost of your build
A builder with high-quality inclusions at affordable costs
A builder with a large range of plans that are ready to build

What is national buying power?
National buying power means that local businesses like us can give you the care and attention you deserve, whilst leveraging our franchise agreements to reduce prices for you due to the buying power Integrity New Homes has nationally.

This is very much a "best of both worlds" scenario and helps you get the best out of your new home build both with price and attention.

National buying power also allows us to have access to top tier brands at a reduced cost. This means you can get the very best with your inclusions without hurting your budget. Our national suppliers generally come with quality warranty policies meaning that you will be looked after once moving into your new home.

Our national buying power and national supplier agreements are just two of many reasons why building with us produces fantastic results and happy clients.
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Another budget-friendly option is that we have the ability to build homes directly from our standard design range.
Our standard design range comes with a multitude of ready-to-build homes which are easy to estimate and not only help cut costs but speeds up the process of your new home project.

Not only are these homes fantastic as they are, but they are also customisable.
This is fantastic for new homeowners looking to build because you can look to create even more savings by reducing the size and removing any unnecessary elements for your future home.  

Having a range of standard design homes is a massive benifit to our customers as it helps you with your decision making process and allows us to hit the ground running with your new home dreams.
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If you are thinking of building a new home in the Armidale, Urualla and Walcha area, we would love to have a conversation about even further aspects of our business and how we believe we can be the right fit for you and your new home dream.

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