Today more and more people are looking for ways to monetize their properties in both rural and urban areas.

Around the Armidale, and Uralla region of NSW things are no different. 

Many people are finding ways to develop that extra wide site in town, or narrow block of  land; or develop the site for their dream home or their rental property. Land in some areas is getting more and more expensive, so knock down rebuilds are becoming the thing to do in Australian cities,  coastal towns, and even regional towns such as Armidale. Properties close to town and the Universities and Private schools are much sort after, therefore the value of the homes and land in these areas is rising. 

Homes in country and regional towns such as Armidale, close to the Uni and private schools can be rented for high returns

and  are excellent long term investment options.
Today, it is a fashionable and simultaneously smart choice to build a duplex or multi-residence on your land, no matter what the size.  We can Custom design the home to suit your site. 
The soaring land prices and rapid urbanization,  further puts a stress on available prime real estate. Similarly, an acreage home in a rural area is also considered a wise use of money nowadays. At Integrity New Homes Armidale, our custom design library has house plans for lots of diverse sizes and shapes.

If you are a someone who dreams to retire to the countryside one day,  constructing a large house on an acreage block, or larger block that you own in town need not wait till retirement. With an attractive rural home design, you can earn a handsome rent from that home for several years till then. Moreover, as property prices are less in regional towns compared to the cities and capitals, you have the option to own a larger block then is possible in the city centres, you have the option to use the extra space for landscaping, a big vegetable garden,  an orchard of fruit trees,  or pretty much anything you like! 
If that's not enough, the better air quality, cleaner environment, and outdoor living associated with country life will make your later years much more comfortable when you finally move in to that beautiful country home. Check out our virtual display home here
In the new subdivisions close to the Universities and schools, It is becoming increasingly trendy for developers to create smaller and  narrow lots, so  house plans and home designs have changed to keep with the latest of what's happening in the property market.

If you have some extra space in your backyard, why not add create a dual occupancy!  Call us today to know what are the most suitable custom designs for homes that fit in your lot. 
Integrity New Homes Armidale is a local builder who has expertise and experience in all types of house construction including renovations that encompass the very popular duplex designs, such as our Casilda which has a single storey home on one side and a double storey home on the other.  This could work  on your large block in town for increased property value and return on investment, especially with the prices of homes and land increasing around Armidale.  Having private schools and the University of New England in Armidale brings a lot of families into the town, and single students looking for accommodation.

Our design library offers plenty of ideas based on years of building experience and positive feedback. If you can’t find a home design in our library that suits, we  are happy to come up with a custom home idea for your particular site,  big or small.
Integrity New Homes Armidale has decades of experience in building custom home plans designs, or renovations that are small or large,  a bathroom, a kitchen renovation, or a full home reno, which could mean a full knock down rebuild or gutting of the existing residence, and fully reworking the home to suit our modern lifestyle.

With an expert team committed to making the perfect design for your dream home or investment,  don't wait to call us!

Integrity New Homes Armidale has strong ties to the communities around the Armidale, Uralla and Walcha regions. Our unparalleled customer service has earned us the reputation as the best home builder in the region among our customers. 
Call us today and experience the Integrity edge!