Australians look forward to the summer season. Yet some struggle to tend to their lawn within the Summer months as it is the peak growing season for lawn grass. Concerns like grass drying up and shrink due to the high summer temperatures and water usage can overwhelm the general lawn owner. Well! It's time to relax, as we provide you with four amazing tips to make sure that your lawn looks lush and shiny throughout the summer.



1. The perfect time to water your lawn

A common mistake folks usually make is to shallow water their lawns several times a day. Many don't know that deep watering their lawn at a regular time everyday is a much more effective technique. Moreover, it is important to avoid peak sunny hours and water the grass either in the morning or in the evening.

This way, the moisture will stay longer in the soil and more water will percolate to the roots of the grass. If you face restrictions in water availability and therefore struggle to water their lawns regularly, check out this new wetting agent from Bunnings!

2. How to Mow

Even lawn care enthusiasts sometimes seem reluctant to mow their lawn as they fear it may cause damage. However, in reality, the ideal mowing technique is high frequency coupled with a shallower cut. This is because slow mowing and sharp mower blades ensure that the cuts are cleaner, reduces the stress on the grass and prevents uprooting. And just like watering, mowing is also best done either in the morning or late afternoon as the soil will be cooler and softer at these hours compared to the midday hours. This will reduce the stress on the lawn surface. Additionally, setting the blade in such a way that it doesn't remove more than a third of the leaf blade while mowing is also preferred for reducing lawn stress.

3.  Why you must aerate the soil

Aeration is an often overlooked albeit necessary step in lawn care. Aeration improves the porosity and breath ability of the soil and ensures that water properly penetrates and reaches the roots of the grass. This will reduce evaporation of water during summer and ensure judicious use of available water.

Moreover, aeration also retains moisture in the soil longer and thereby helps to keep the soil moist during the next dry spell. If you are not sure about the type and particulars of the equipment needed to aerate your lawn, visit the nearest Bunnings store now!

4. The best time to Feed your lawn

Adding fertilisers is highly encouraged to keep your lawn lush and healthy. However, you should also pick the time for applying them carefully. It is best to apply fertiliser coating at the end of spring or very beginning of summer.

This is because fertilisers tend to give off heat as they merge with the topsoil. So, it is best to add a fertiliser coating before the summer temperature reaches its peak. Otherwise, the excess heat may burn your lawn and reduce the nutritional value of the soil. Now, with a little help from technology, you can take care of the weeds and ensure proper feed at the same time. Take  a trip to Bunnings to know more!

Lawn care is an important part of the home maintenance. A well kept lawn not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your dream home, but assists in creating a healthy living space for you and your family.

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