The Hamptons style is an emerging country style trend that is defined by its seamless merging of cool, classic, sophisticated designs and new build techniques with rustic, casual beach vibes. There are several characteristic features that make a Hampton styled home; white and off white colours, wooden accents and so on. Here we discuss four prominent features that could possibly entice you to become the proud owner of a Hampton style home.

Kitchen island bench
The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a Hampton home is the majestic large kitchen island bench that acts as the centerpiece of the open living space. Customized stools that match the design of the table would be an ideal combination as it will not only make your kitchen stylish but also a useful and functional social space. Another set of elements that could add to the grandeur of your Hampton home are pendants for chandeliers and other hanging lights. They will act as a striking focal point of difference in the room, thus enhancing the Hamptons theme.
Wooden accents
In any room of a Hampton home, wood accents break up the light and the usual Hampton style bright color palette. Like hanging lights, wood accents too create a focal point of difference which bring out the Hampton experience even more profoundly. The presence of wood accents also add a touch of nature within your home environment which is scientifically proven to be mentally rejuvenating and emotionally restorative. Some of the best places to implement wood accents are bench tops, dining room settings, living room pieces etc.

Beautiful outdoors
Just as in its indoors, the characteristic feature of the outdoors of a Hampton home is the flow in the design. Outdoor ceiling fans are a characteristic feature of Hampton style homes. Moreover, a creative Hampton outdoor may also include leisurely elements like rock chairs, swinging lounges. Many families add unique pieces of furniture that adds a character to the outdoor setting. Large potted plants, when positioned in an outdoor setting are also attractive features that combine nature into your home.

Light and bright interiors
Hampton style homes are popular for their light and bright approach, which allows abundant daylight into their interiors. These homes have big windows that allow for natural light to filter throughout the home. Moreover, the design incorporates plenty of white walls, white ceilings and accents of color that lead the eye. As white is the most reflective color in nature, this style ensures that daylight reaches every corner of the house.
We know that after reading all these tantalizing details, you would have already made up your mind to build your new home the Hampton way. If you are considering a home with the Hampton look and feel, give us a call to know more. We are here to support you every step of the way, from making an intelligent design decision to the execution of even minute details of your country style home. Contact us today to start the journey of your dream home.