Our Fast Track Schemes have been designed and created by our Integrity New Homes Interior Designer who has had over 16 years of experience in the design field.

Through working with clients to create their new homes, and hundreds of colour selections, as well as constantly keeping up with the latest trends and colour inspirations, these Fast Track Schemes have been carefully created to please almost everybody. 😊

We are happy to present 6 (six) colour schemes with varying colours and textures to give you the home you will be sure to love.

Inspired by the varying Australian landscapes, the Schemes come in Themes, namely;

Urban Edge

Stoney Ridge

Sandy Desert

Granite Belt

Organic Earth

Coastal Drift

Each scheme has been created so that you the customer no longer has to stress about what is going to work, and what is not going to work. Everything has been chosen that  looks great together.

Why not take a look at our design range today and see what home suits you, and your family.

At Integrity New Homes, we LOVE creating houses for people to call HOME.

When you talk to your friendly sales consultant, ask us about our Fast Track Schemes 😊