Clients frequently reach out to Integrity New Homes Armidale to inquire about building design, and we find it incredibly rewarding. We take pride in showcasing our exquisite building designs through our widely circulated national magazine, where we unveil a new standard design every month. However, what truly drives us is our client's distinct needs and preferences.

These unique requirements serve as the foundation for crafting stunning custom homes. To ensure this, we have dedicated full-time building designers on our team who work closely with our builders and their clients. We find great joy in focusing on creating exceptional custom designs tailored specifically to our clients.

Occasionally, we encounter a minor challenge when clients present us with plans from other builders. It's important to note that we highly value our own intellectual property and respect the copyrights of other builders and designers. Therefore, if clients share such designs with us, we kindly explain that while the plans may be appealing, we prefer to develop a distinctive design that truly aligns with their unique requirements.

Our clients often share their thoughts and ideas, allowing us to create a personalized design that reflects their vision for their dream home. This emphasis on custom design is a significant aspect of Integrity New Homes' ethos, with approximately 90% of our projects comprising unique custom designs. We take great pride in this achievement.

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