Have you ever walked into a bathroom and seen a tiny tile sliver on the end of the wall? Well, there are ways to help avoid this problem, continue reading to find out what to do.

To put this, you need to prepare before you start mixing adhesive. Setting out is the best way to avoid this issue, you can measure the tiles and work out where to start tile cuts, or you can place the tiles on the wall/floor and mark them with a pencil, leaving a small gap for the grout line.

This article is an excellent reminder that preparation is always crucial with most tasks, building a new home is no different, from the day you sign up, through council and of course the construction process, just remember this is not a short term investment, well it might be but either way the same process stands. There needs to be Integrity in your new home building process.

Back to the topic of setting out your tiles, feature tiles are also an important factor when setting out in your new home bathroom, especially the ensuite; you may want to use your feature tiles to centre your room. Using them as a mirror effect between the double showers or to focus your double vanity unit, maybe a single unit, and this serves the same purpose.

You can also offset your feature tiles if you want to add a border to the shower screen. You may like to add them into your shower niche; a niche is a little shelf generally used for your shower gels, shampoo bottles and other necessary shower accessories. This looks great too. 

If you are after a simple look, getting rid of your feature tiles will help you achieve this and is quite common these days. We want you to enjoy your new home, so having all these options in mind will help you live comfortably and enjoy your design for years to come.

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- Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.