We have posted a blog about the benefits of LED lights within your new home and the benefits they give, but let's go one step further and talk about the benefits of natural light. Don't get me wrong, LED lights are fantastic, especially in the night time when the sun has set.

In the day time, however, we can harness natural sunlight in your new home, yes windows with the curtains openwork well, but only when the sun is facing that direction. I want to introduce to you the benefits of installing a skylight or even multiple skylights in your new home.

The first benefit of letting in natural light is the ability to reduce energy consumption; LED lights are very conserving of your electricity bill, but come one, the sun is free, so we need to use it. Top tip, you should consider adding solar panels to your roof as well, if you want to harness the suns power and save yourself money.

Another benefit of having natural light entering your home is your health. Sunlight allows for you to absorb vitamin D, just from pottering around your own house, yes I would recommend stepping outside, but every little helps, right?

There are so many benefits when installing skylights in your new home, to list a few; natural light improves the interior appearance for taking selfies and social media videos, natural light drys out damp patches to reduce mould and natural light improves your mood.

Where should you not put a skylight in your new home? Well, you don't want to put a skylight in rooms which you don't wish to natural light coming in, for example; bedrooms, home theatres and an office where you might be gaming or trying to work on a glaring computer. Apart from any of those rooms, skylights are significant in your new home.

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By Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.