Hello Adelaide, its Friday and time to have a short rest (if we can) so we can dig right in on Monday. Friday is that time of the week I like to communicate with my clients with the latest progress updates about their new home.

We do have a communication guarantee after all, which means we need to communicate with you every fortnight, but we try to keep it as regular and personal as we can, with weekly new home updates. Imagine being left in the dark and not speaking throughout the building process? Wouldn't you like to meet on site and see your new home for real? 

A construction site may not be as attractive to the finished new home with all the fancy Reece Bathroom taps and Dulux paint Wash & Wear three-coat system, but it is our process and will be your house. Walking on site is like peeping behind the scenes in a factory; this is just part of the Integrity service. 

Meeting on site is time for our clients to ask us questions and get more visual with their new home, yes you can walk through a show home, but this home is yours, and you will be the first person to live in this home.

Communication is so important during this stressful process, and you want to be kept in the loop, which leads me onto my next point, having a project manager to speak to and be reassured by during the building process, who is also the director, who has a passion for Integrity.

So are you an integral person? Do you like to have your finger on the trigger? Integrity New Homes Adelaide South is your local builder, innovative and communicative to touch on a few. Integrity New Homes is here to change your world.

-Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.