When you get the keys to your brand new home is the best feeling and what you have been waiting for, to move into your personalised home, but you want everything to be live before you jump in and settle down for your first night in, feet up and your favourite TV show on. Use this checklist before you turn the key.

Tip 1
During the construction process, you will need to make sure you have applied for new energy connections, this varies depending on your area, whether you have mains services or not. Rural areas may need gas bottles, but most suburbs surrounding Adelaide will use the mains services provided, which will be natural gas and electricity. Ask your builder to supply you with an energy form to fill out and start scheduling in your connections.

Tip 2
Most people these days will rely on the internet, but moving in and waiting for your line to be connected can be frustrating, so make sure to leave enough time to schedule in your new connection. Hopefully, you can get NBN direct and have fast broadband speeds, another benefit of building a new home.

Tip 3
If you are renting, you will need to ask your landlord when the lease is up. Explain that you are building a new home; you want to be able to make moving into your new home a smooth transition.

Tip 4 
Prepare your belongings for the removal day, whether you are using a removal company or a mate with a ute (sorry if your the friend that is always asked, just because you have a utility vehicle), make sure you pack and get ready. Being prepared makes moving in hassle-free.

Tip 5
Do you know that house plan you have been looking at since day one? You can use these measurements to cross-check furniture sizing before you move in. Make sure your front door is wide enough to fit the sofa, nothing is worse than scratching up the new door frame on the first day, we want you to enjoy your new home and keep it looking great for years to come.

So there you have it, five steps to moving into your brand new home, the day you get the keys, will be the day you can enjoy your brand new home. Did we miss anything? Feel free to comment and leave your suggestions to help others make moving in less stressful. Subscribe to our Ebrochure and miss out on nothing, also follow us on our social media and we hope to see you in your new home soon.

- Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.