Let's start on the right foot, even the left foot as long as you are wearing steel toe cap boots, how much are your feet worth to you? Site safety is always going to be a significant aspect of new home building; which will benefit you too. 

Ever wondered why you drive past new home builds, some with site fencing, toilets and signage with site conditions, some new home constructions with nothing at all and builders with variants of the two? Well, there are benefits for all of these; being compliant is one of them.

Site fencing around your new home is for security, no one without permission can enter your site, unless they break-in, even anyone passing by, accidentally wandering on-site or stealing materials, site fencing secures your new home investment and keeps it safe. The worst is when they use our skip bins, especially when they don't fill it neatly!

Site toilets are suitable for tradies throughout the day, saves them time and keeps the job running smoothly. The main benefit for you is they need to use this site toilet, rather than your new investment. Your new home needs to stay, your new home until you move in.

Site signage is not just about branding ourselves with the Integrity New Homes Adelaide South name; although we are proud of it, you may see a separate sign, one with rules and contact numbers? This is our site safety sign, and you will see most builders in Adelaide using them, along with documentation for trades to check off. These signs protect and instruct our trades, we want to look after them, and they will look after your newly built home, remember a new home is a man crafted product, not using 3D printers here!

We have had our experience with site safety over the years and take it very seriously, even when you walk around your site for your new home inspection to see the wheels in motion turning, you will be inducted on-site with our project manager.

We use all these items on our home sites, to protect you, our trades and your investment. Remember to follow us on our social media and hope to see you soon.

- Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.