I Hope you are having a great weekend. When you build a new home, you invest a fair amount into it, so why not make the most out of your investment by adding the right products from the start. LED lights have been around for a while now, but what are the benefits of them?

The first and most important benefit to having LED lights in your new home is the cost saving abilities. LED lights only use 7 - 20 watts per hour, whereas a halogen bulb will use anywhere between 35 - 500 watts per hour to emit the same amount of light; a halogen bulb compared to an LED bulb will use up to 9 times as much power. Just think about your electricity bill.

Another great benefit of LED lighting is how long they last, a LED light will last 40 times longer than the conventional bulb, making your brand new home illuminated with the same lights for years and years to come. It shouldn't be, how many people does it take to change a light bulb, but how many years it takes before you need to change it in the first place.

Traditional bulbs only convert 10% of their energy into the light, which means the rest is just heat, which is not as safe as LED's. The LED lighting doesn't create any heat as they can run on a much lower voltage to create the same amount of light or even more. Think about safety in your new home.

So there you have it, LED lights are great for any home, especially a new home; they have many more benefits, but this is a great start. We offer LED lights as standard in all our new homes, helping you achieve a house with many benefits. Remember to follow us on all our social media and hope to see you soon.


- By Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.