If you want to find out on how to track your build but in a video format, scroll down to our latest video.

Wouldnt you like to know how you can keep track of your new home, from your smartphone or computer? Tracking your build is an essential part of your building journey. Our Client Portal is the latest step in building innovations and takes the stress away from you and your family during the process.

The main reason why clients can be frustrated is due to transparency; Integrity New Homes is here to help with our Client Portal. Tracking your build through a well developed systemised business enables you to view a client-facing version of our software called iGyro. iGyro is the wheels in motion for Integrity New Homes Adelaide South; a gyro is something that creates stability, a gyro keeps an object upright and in motion, just like our business always in motion and always moving forward, but never falls over.

Let us explain to you what you will get in your client portal login; you will have access to your job details, new home progress photos and most importantly, the task list.

Having job details is essential to know everything about your job, you can see your estimated completion, contract price, we will even put your files on there to view and download like your new home build contract and relevant data.

Having access to your progress stage photos can be quite exciting. You can view new progress pictures and see live updates behind the scenes at your leisure, see your new home creation take place.

The most important benefit would be the task list, everything that goes into your build and what's to come. We want to keep our clients informed along the way to build a relationship and give you peace of mind during the new home process.

Tracking your build is just one benefit of building your new home with a forward-thinking building company, why wouldn't you want your new home built with Integrity?