Are you wearing warm clothes inside your home this winter trying to get warm even though you're inside? Is it a struggle to get your home cold even though you have the air conditioner is on at full blast? Are you near a busy street with loud traffic and ambient noise? Well at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South we have come up with a solution….FREE double glazed windows.

The first excellent quality of double glazing is the insulation; if you put your hand on the inside of your window you will probably realise that its cold, this is because there is only one layer of glass. Our double glazing package includes 2 panes of glass each 10mm thick and between the glass is Argon gas. This means your new home in Adelaide will be able to keep in the heat in the winter and the heat out in the summer leading to a more comfortable home.

As we know in Adelaide the electricity cost is one of the highest, so to add to the list of benefits with FREE double glazing is air conditioning costs. When you run your air conditioner, without any insulation in your house, you will need to keep it on to prevent the house getting too cold in the winter or too cold in the summer.

Another comfort of double glazed windows is the noise. At Integrity New Homes Adelaide South our office is located on a busy street, so we know what its like to hear loud exhausts, cars beeping and people shouting; therefore having the benefit of double glazed windows is a no brainer.

If you would like to have all these great benefits in your new home, call Integrity New Homes Adelaide South today on 1300 886 793.