On the 29th of May Integrity New Homes Adelaide South handed over the keys to another happy customer (front façade image above).  This custom home in Salisbury Downs was designed by the customer himself to incorporate ‘Feng Shui’ into his new home.

What does this mean? “Feng shui, also known as geomancy, is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It is closely linked to Taoism.” Sourced from Wikipedia.

At Integrity New Homes Adelaide South we are always looking for new ways to improve, Feng shui is one of them. When incorporating Feng shui into your new home you will have to consider variables such as the land positioning and facing.  

One of the main factors to consider when introducing Feng shui into your new home will be the design of your new home and that’s where we at Integrity New homes Adelaide South come in. it really helps to have a builder that allows the flexibility in their designs along with the personalized experience of meeting the director/licensed builder on site to discuss your new home progression.

The custom home in Salisbury Downs, Adelaide is a great example of utilizing our Affordable Custom Design Solutions so you can incorporate Feng Shui into your new home which will be backed up by our Lifetime Structural Warranty*.