We need to look after our environment, and that starts with the small things, like recycling your plastics and metals every fortnight. There are also minor changes you can make to your home to help the impact on the planet and your bank account.

Whether you are trying to slow down global warming, believe in it or want to be self-sustainable, which includes saving money on your energy bills. Being able to harness the powerful renewable energy resources isn't something cheap to invest in, but as technology develops, efficiency and cost will reduce. Keep reading to see some examples.


New home built by Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.

Water Saving Tanks

When you build a new home, rainwater tanks are compulsory, although you can upgrade to a high capacity, let's see the benefits in having a rainwater tank, and you can decide. 

Your roof has a big surface area and every time it rains; all the water is wasted, however, if you can collect all the water and reuse it every time you water the garden or wash the car, then that makes a difference.


The Sun to Energy

The sun is a great source of energy, as you probably know by now. Solar panels use the suns energy to creat electricity and power your home through the day, sending excess energy to the grid and in return and in return you will get a rebate to use for energy spent when the sun goes down.

If you want to go one step further, investing in a battery to save up the kilowatts your panels have produced, is even more efficiency. The downside to installing a battery in your home is the cost in the first place.


Running your Shower on Solar

Imagine going for a shower or washing the dishes knowing your hot water is being heated up by the sun; with a solar water heater you can. Think about adding one to your existing home or include it when you create a new home contract with Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.


So there you have it, energy savers, for your home and examples of them. Remember to follow us on all our social media, see links below


- By Ryan at Integrity New Homes Adelaide South.